Mario Aiello and Angelantonio Pecchia meet by chance, in 2015, in Linz.

In 2016, they decided to take over the management of "Il Caminetto" offering their customers a wide menu full of typical Neapolitan recipes, their hometown.
To try to introduce more people to the true taste of Italian cuisine, they decided, in February 2019, to open this new restaurant, with a completely different style from the first mentioned, more elegant and with old dishes revisited in a modern key, to satisfy also to the most difficult palate.

Everything here is studied in detail, including the staff recruitment.
Our idea is that the kitchen and the dining room need to be connected, and without the right staff, both part cannot work properly. So, we try to establish a genuine relationship, like a “second family”, where everyone is always ready to help each other, and especially readyin the presence of a problem concerning the work, to talk about it to try to solve it together.