Angelantonio Pecchia

My partner has always had a passion for cooking, I have always loved relating to people, so I preferred work in the hall.

I was born on January 17, 1979, in Avella, in the province of Avellino, where I obtained my diploma of hotel school. In 2000 I started my first job for the winter season, as a waiter, in Roccaraso, Abruzzo.Later, for the summer season, I moved to Riccione, in Emilia Romagna, where, with my experience I then became “maître”.

In 2009, through a friend, I decided to try a new experience abroad, so I moved to Linz, Austria. Here, after working in a restaurant as a maitre , in 2011 with a friend we decided to open the restaurant "Il Caminetto".

In 2015, Mario started working for us, and in 2016 we decided to take it over together.