First Courses

We offer three meat dishes and three fish dishes in order to please even the fussiest ones. Apart from those, we are totally willing to prepare for you vegetarian, vegan and gluten free dishes too.

Second Courses

You will find well-structured meat and fish dishes, yet again three of each. We serve all of them with a side dish of vegetable and roast potatoes. Among these courses you will find the “fish of the day”. You will be able to choose between sea bream and sea bass which we cook in a salt crust or grilled.

Soups and salads

We offer two different soups, the first one in our menu is the inevitable soup of tomato and, the second one, varies from week to week according to the fresh ingredients of the season. For salads, however, we propose the classics, and you can naturally find the salad "my land", with onions, tuna, olives and tomatoes.


we strongly believe that the best way to start a meal is choosing the right appetizer. In our menu you will always find the Mussels and clam soutè, our homemade beef carpaccio with truffle and the inevitable vitello tonnato (which consists of thin slices of veal with tuna sauce and capers).


Italian drinks, from water to Moretti beer, and others that go well with Italian aperitifs, such as Aperol Spritz, and Austrians, such as Hugo.


To close in sweetness, we offer several Italian homemade desserts that we decorate with seasonal fruit and sauces made by us.